Eleven of our one and two-bedroom homes have now been reserved off-plan by design savvy, eco conscious, urban renters and first-time buyers. 

With the rising appeal of the ‘15-minute neighbourhood’ and working from home a feature of life that is predicted to stay for some, we hear from homebuyers that they are looking for flexibility, energy-efficiency and spaces that work. Our modern, flexible homes appeal to anyone who is interested in design and build quality as well as the excitement of living in a distinctive, historic and convenient location.

Life in lockdown means that customers are thinking differently about what they need from their homes longer term.  Access to outside space is now a ‘must have’ and is a significant draw for our purchasers. 

Creating interesting, sustainable places where people want to live is what we’re known for around the UK and it’s fantastic to receive such a warm response to The Ironworks. 

Now, more than ever, we’re all reassessing what we want from our homes and neighbourhoods and Holbeck Urban Village – known for its cool, creative vibe – is becoming a place to settle down at exactly the right time.