As the on-site team down tools for the Christmas break, we wanted to share a quick progress update with you as it’s been a busy couple of months at The Ironworks.

  • External brickwork is almost complete and cleaning of the brickwork is well underway.
  • Townhouses 4-10 are well advanced and further progress is being made on the remaining townhouses.
  • Hard landscaping is now complete around the homes.
  • Balustrading has been installed to all the apartment balconies.
  • Kitchens have been installed to all apartment levels and commenced in the townhouses.

However, we do continue to experience issues with delivery of materials from Europe which the current Covid situation has exacerbated.

All apartments are now sold but there are still townhouses available to purchase if you’re looking for a new home in 2022. Why not have a browse of our brochure over the Christmas break and see if there might be a home here for you?